Categories of city procurements
 City of Memphis Purchasing Department Partial Listing of Goods Purchased (a full listing available upon request.)

Air Compressors Firearms
Air conditioning supplies Furniture, office
Air masks Generators, portable
Alternators Gasoline
Ambulance Supplies Guard services
Ammunition Hardware
Anti-freeze Helicopters
Appliances, general Helicopter parts
Aquatics Heavy equipment
Arts & Crafts surplus Hose
Asphalt Ice Machines
Automobiles Janitor services
Auto repairs Lab equipment
Barricades Lawnmowers, including tractor types
Batteries, automotive Limestone
Beads, glass Lumber
Bearings Material handling equipment
Block, concrete Medical equipment
Bookbinding Microfilm supplies
Building materials Motorcycles
Buildings, portable & permanent Nursery supplies
Burglar & fire alarms Office supplies
Calculators, all kinds Oil, motor
Carpeting Paint & paint products
Casting, manhole Paper products
Cement, bags of Pipe, black, brass, cast iron, etc.
Chain saws Playground equipment
Clutches, new & rebuilt Plumbing supplies
Communication equipment Police equipment
Concession equipment PRINTING:
Consultants, management     Color brochures
CONTRACTORS:     General
    Air Conditioning Pumps, all kinds
    Pest control Recreation equipment
    Painting Safety equipment
    Plumbing Sand
    Roofing Signal, traffic
Copy Machines Sporting Goods
Craft supplies Steel
Demolition, building Targets & supplies (Police)
Dog tags Tires, recap & repair
Electric motors Tools, air
Electric supplies Towel & linen supply services
Electrical wire & cable Trucks
Electronic components Typewriters
Engines, gasoline Uniforms
Fans, various Upholstery repairs
Fences Veterinarian supplies
Fax machines WEED CONTROL:
Fertilizer     Cutting
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