Chief Administrative Office

The Chief Administrative Officer coordinates, under the supervision of the Mayor, the activities of all administrative divisions of City government. He acts as liaison officer between the Mayor, all divisions, service centers, boards, commissions and authorities.

All matters to be presented by the administrative divisions for action by City Council at its biweekly meeting are approved as to form and propriety by the Chief Administrative Officer.

All administrative documents to be signed by the Mayor are routed to the Chief Administrative Officer by the Division Directors for his final approval and handling for the Mayor's signature.

The Mayor may also, from time to time, assign special administrative and executive duties to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Service centers reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer include Auditing, Information Services and the Mayor's Citizen Service Center.

Key Service Areas:

Neighborhood Services

Will provide neighborhoods that promote the free and safe movement of residents and visitors; contain adequate and affordable housing, well-maintained infrastructure and responsive municipal services; and encourage viable business, educational, and recreational opportunities.

Business Services

The business environment in Memphis stimulates business success and enhances the standard of living for all Memphians.

Youth Services

To provide a diverse and creative learning environment and services that provide our children and youth with opportunities to become successful adults.

Employee Services

To have capable employees committed and empowered to provide high quality services to the citizens of Memphis.


Jack M. Sammons
Chief Administrative Officer

125 N. Main St. Room 308
Memphis, Tn 38103
(901) 636-6558
Fax: (901) 636-6555

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