Office of Contract Compliance
The Office of Contract Compliance serves as the support agency and administrative arm to the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Program and the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Program. The mission of the Office of Contract Compliance is to ensure that the legislative intent of City Ordinance #5384 and City Ordinance #5366, which created the EBO and SBE Programs are carried out in all procurement activities and opportunities. Areas of administrative authority and/or enforcement include areas of City procurement activity: construction, professional services, and goods & non-professional services.

To file a complaint to the office of Contract Compliance, print the complaint form (pdf), complete it, and then mail the form to:

Office of Contract Compliance
125 N. Main Street, Rm. 546
Memphis, TN 38103
Office: (901) 636-6210

Mary L. Bright
Contract Compliance Officer

Taunya Falkner
Contract Compliance Analyst

Joyce Douglas
Contract Compliance Analyst

Contract Compliance Services Overview
  • Provide information and assistance to M/WBEs to increase their ability to compete effectively for the award of City contracts.
  • Keep M/WBEs apprised of opportunities for technical assistance and training.
  • In conjunction with the Division of Finance, monitor contracts for compliance with M/WBE participation goals throughout the contract term.
  • Assist where directed the Division of Finance in preparing compliance guidelines for contractors which would include monitoring and reporting procedures and recommendations for actions to be taken should noncompliance occur.
  • Monitor the City's progress toward the achievement of M/WBE Program Goals.
  • Issue an exit interview for any contract which includes M/WBE prime Contractor participation as a joint venture partner.
  • Resolve disputes between M/WBE subcontractors and prime Contractors.
  • Provide information, guidance and assistance in the M/WBE certification process.
  • Oversee all City of Memphis Title VI Compliance Issues.
  • Update and disseminate the M/WBE list throughout the City's Divisions.
  • Participate in the establishment of M/WBE goals on City Construction contracts/projects over $100,000.
  • Participate in the establishment of M/WBE goals on City Goods, Supplies, and Non-Professional Services contracts/projects in excess of $50,000.
  • Participate in the establishment of M/WBE goals on City Professional Services contracts/projects over $50,000.

Certification Applications
Vendors interested in participating in the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) and/or the Small Business Enterprise (SBE) programs with the City of Memphis must be certified.
Click Here for a list of agencies and information

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If your company plans to bid on City of Memphis contracts and you are a certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and/or Minority or Woman-owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) by the Uniform Certification Agency (UCA), it is to your benefit to register with the Office of Contract Compliance. In addition, it is also beneficial for certified MBE firms with certifications from the Tri-State Minority Supplier Development Council (TMSDC) or WBE firms with certifications from the  Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) to register with the Office of Contract Compliance.

Register with the Office of Contract Compliance
1. Please click the B2Gnow logo above to register with the Office of Contract Compliance.
2. Click apply for Registry under “System Link.”

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