City Auto Auctions

The City of Memphis holds weekly Auctions open to Dealers as well as to the public. These auctions are generally held each Tuesday at the Memphis Police Impound lot at 465 Klinke Ave.

Please feel free to view or download the brochures provided to the right for your convenience, which are are updated and posted as in advance as possible and list official auction schedules and a list of some of the vehicles that will be available for auction.

Tuesday Auctions - 465 Klinke (Information, Map and Directions) 

Every Tuesday, the Auction is held at the Impound lot at 465 Klinke Ave. Bidders may browse the vehicles beginning at 11:30 a.m., and the bidding begins at 12:00 Noon.

For Map/Directions to 465 Klinke Ave, please Click Here.

Auto Auctions
Auction Schedules

The following brochures are currently available to download in PDF format for your convenience:
Date / Location:
Tuesday, Dec 26 - Klinke
Tuesday, Dec 19 - Klinke
Tuesday, Dec 12 - Klinke
Tuesday, Dec 05 - Klinke
Tuesday, Nov 28 - Klinke

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