Mission Statement: "Teamwork with a commitment to excellence, compassion and immediate community protection.  Leadership, with responsible financial management, strategic planning, and customer service for both the employees and citizens."

Vision Statement

Fire Administration focuses its priorities for the future on strong financial management, employee services, labor relations, and customer service. This service center handles human resources, finance, legislative affairs, legal services, disciplinary actions, capital improvements and strategic long-range planning. Through its leadership, the Division is able to provide quality services to the citizens of Memphis.

Fire Administration consists of Executive and Support Staff responsible for all administrative activities including finance, personnel, capital improvements, union issues, legislative affairs, public relations and strategic planning.

Departments and Important Phone Numbers

  • Apparatus Maintenance - (901) 636-5380
  • Logistical Service - (901) 636-5388
  • Training - (901) 636-5700
  • Fire Communications - (901) 636-5618
  • Fire Communications (24 hour) - (901) 458-8281
  • Fire Prevention - (901) 636-5401
  • Emergency Medical Service - (901) 636-5739
  • Administration - (901) 527-1400
  • Hazardous Materials - (901) 636-5724
  • Confined Space - (901) 636-5724


Command Staff -- Click on the links below to view staff bios:

Gina Y. Sweat, Director

Michael L. Jubirt, Deputy Director

Dale K. Lock, Chief of Emergency Operations

Daryl K. Payton, Chief of Administration

Joe M. Payne, Chief Fire Marshal

Pamela H. Kiestler, Chief of Emergency Medical Services

Keith L. Staples, Chief of Logistical Services

Contact Fire Services

Fire Department Logo 

Daryl Payton
Deputy Chief

65 South Front Street
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 527-1400
Fax: (901) 527-9516
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