HCD & MHA Consolidated Departments
Vickie Aldridge, Director
Harry Green, Administrator
  • Provides financial support and expertise to the Division/Agency. Additionally, this department coordinates and executes all financial documents, budget functions and financial reports.

Eletha Anthony-Cody, Manager
  • Consolidates the budget functions of MHA and HCD to ensure that financial resources are appropriately allocated, directed, monitored, and that duplication is minimized in order to fund projects that promote community revitalization of the City of Memphis.

Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
  • Communicates the mission and accomplishments of MHA and HCD to the community and customers. This department handles all media inquiries and is responsible for the accurate dissemination of information, marketing and advertising of the agency. Customer complaints are managed by the Customer Service Office, which ensures quality control and assists in resolving customer concerns. Additionally, the department produces a thirty-minute community affairs program entitled "Home Renaissance" which airs on the Time Warner public access channel on Thursday evenings at 8:00 PM.

Human Resources/Division Relations
Dale Jackson, Director
Patricia Powers, Manager
  • Provides MHA and HCD with efficient and effective personnel services that ensures accountability; and compliance with local, state, and federal employment laws, HUD requirements, and agency/division policies and procedures. Additionally, this department offers support through administration of employee benefits, training, employee recognition, compensation, and quality recruitment which includes pre-employment testing and background checks.

Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Guides and supports the use of information technology. The department accomplishes this by ensuring that staff has up-to-date technology; are knowledgeable about the use of technology; utilizes technology to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the operations; bridges the digital divide, and utilizes E-Housing - Internet based Information Technology which facilitates the "Business" of Housing.

Planning and Development
Mairi Albertson, Administrator
Don Campbell, Manager
  • Responsible for creating strategic plans that enhance the quality of life for Memphis neighborhoods. To accomplish this, the department guides community revitalization through comprehensive planning, coordination, and resource development. Specific functions include soliciting grants, coordinating internal program applications, and reporting on federal and state funding received by the Division.
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