MHA Departments
Asset Management
William Webb, Jr., Director of Asset Management

Compliance and Security
Prentis Taylor, Senior Compliance Officer
  • Provides decent, safe, sanitary and affordable housing to any person or family with an interest in HUD's Public Housing Assistance Program. The department accomplishes this by providing 24-hour security and maintenance service to handle emergencies outside of normal business hours. This department also provides technical assistance in organizing, planning, and developing policies and procedures for management. Additional functions include monitoring all MHA and HUD policy changes relative to asset/property management for both private management companies and in-house property management.

Capital Improvements
Michael Swindle, Sr. Project Manager
  • Plans, develops, organizes, constructs, and completes numerous improvement projects to maintain and improve MHA properties. This department accomplishes its' goals by utilizing HUD funds under the Capital Fund and Replacement Housing Factor programs which increases the availability of decent, safe, and affordable housing. The funds provided to this department are used for capital maintenance, rehabilitation, and development/redevelopment of projects.

General Services/Records Management
Latonya Young, Manager
  • Provides assistance in developing and producing the agency's annual strategic plan. Additionally, the department guides the agency's centralized re-certification and Rental Integrity Monitoring (RIM) project.

HOPE VI Program
Luretha Phillips, Director

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)
Terrill Bates, Director
  • Provides rental assistance on behalf of eligible, low-income families who lease privately-owned units in Shelby County. Under this program families pay a portion of their rent based on their income. MHA's portion is based on a schedule of payment standards and paid directly to private landlords. This program is designed to give clients greater choices of where to live.

Human Services
Jacqueline Partee, Director
  • Provides a variety of support services to Memphis Housing Authority residents. This departments' goal is to empower, encourage, and provide opportunities that assist residents in becoming self-sufficient. Additionally, the department is responsible for the management and oversight of the following programs and services: Resident Services, HOPE VI Services for Residents, Case Management Services, Elderly Services, Resident Employment and Training Center (RETC), and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program.

Greg Perry Staff Attorney
  • Provides legal counsel and advice to the Executive Director and the Board of Commissioners. This department is also responsible for handling all legal and administrative matters, which affect the Authoriity. These matters include, but are not limited to, handling all litigation, forcible entry and detainer, warrants, bankruptcies, labor negotiations, contracts, and other legal matters.

Purchasing & Contracting
David Walker, Manager
  • Provides for the fair and equitable treatment of all persons or firms involved in purchasing by MHA. This department accomplishes this goal by assuring that supplies, services, and construction are procured efficiently, effectively, and at the most favorable prices available. Additionally, the department promotes competition in contracting; provides safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity; and assures that purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Federal standards, HUD regulations, and state and local laws.
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Executive Director

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