Permits Office
(Non-Construction Permits)

Special Event Applications must be submitted 14 business days prior to the event

The Permits Office processes applications and collects payments of fees and taxes for the following permits and licenses as required by City Ordinance:

  • Certificates of Public Convenience and Necessity for vehicles for hire companies and their operator. (Taxis, Limousines, shuttles, Para transit & horse carriages);
  • Wrecker and Towing companies and their drivers
  • On & Off premises beer sales;
  • Special Beer sales;
  • Liquor By the Ounce, (LBO);
  • Dance (compensated and regular);
  • Special Events, (public assemblies, parades, and street closures);
  • Adult Oriented Businesses and their employees;
  • Scrap Metal & Junk Dealers and their employees;
  • Scrap Tire Dealers and Haulers

Permits Lead Staff

Aubrey J. Howard
Permits Administrator
(901) 636-6711

Yolanda Fullilove
Permits Licenses Coordinator
(901) 636-6738

Officer G. Lake
Permits Inspector
(901) 636-6735

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