Documents and Applications
The Permit Office bills, collects and issues city permits for beer, dance, massage, taxi, carriage, limousine, wrecker and retail liquor by the drink as mandated by various ordinances in the most efficient and effective manner. It also serves as the administrative office of the Alcohol Commission. 

The following documents are available to download and print in PDF format:

Alcohol Commission                                                                           

Alcohol Commission Rules and Regulations

Beer Permit Application Instructions

Application for Beer Permit

Procedures for Securing Special Beer Permit

Application for Special Beer Permit

Application for Catering Beer Permit

Business Permits                                                                                

Name Change Form

Application for Taxi (Public Convenience & Necessity)

Application for Horse Drawn Carriage Company

Application for Tire Business Permits

Application for Limousines, Shuttles, and Other Vehicles for Hire (Public Convenience & Necessity)

City of Memphis Vacant Property Registration                                 

Vacant Property Registration Form

Dance Hall                                                                                       

Dance Hall Application

Drivers Permits                                                                                 

Examination for Vehicle for Hire Permit (2010)

List of Current Approved Vehicles for Hire

Vehicle for Hire Driver's Permit Application

Wrecker Driver Application

Wrecker Approval Letter

Law Division                                                                                     

Mobile Food Truck                                                                           

Food Truck Application for City Parks

Insurance Requirements for Service Contracts

Scrap Metal Permits and Information                                               

Ordinance #5332 - Scrap Metal

Procedures for Securing Scrap Metal Permit

Application for Junk or Scrap Metal Dealer's Permit

Special Events                                                                                 

Special Event Application

Special Event Overtime Cost Adjustment

Special Events Requirements

Parade and Public Assemblies Spontaneous Event Exception Notice

Wine in Grocery Store (WIGS)                                                           

City Of Memphis Certificate Of Compliance

City Of Memphis Certificate Of Compliance Instructions Procedures

Booting Applications and Ordinance                                                            

Booting Ordinance

Employees Booting Permit Application

Booting License Company Application
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