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Memphis Police Sports Federation

The Memphis Police Sports Federation is a governing body which promotes physical fitness and participation in various athletic events among the commissioned Memphis Police Officers of the Memphis Police Department and among the youth of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.

The Memphis Police Sports Federation shall generate financial assistance for the athletic endeavors of the members of the Memphis Police Sports Federation and their efforts to create high self-esteem among the youths of Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.



Establish esprit de corps among police officers by encouraging employee camaraderie through extra-curricular athletic participation and support.


The encouragement of sexual and racial harmony through the promotion of athletic competition.


To foster a positive image of police officers in the community by creating a controlled, competitive environment through athletic competition that allows youth to release their energies in a positive manner.


To promote and encourage good sportsmanship in all athletic competitions.

MPSF members must be commissioned or retired Memphis Police Officers or civilian employees of the Memphis Police Department.

2001 World Police & Fire Games News
Indianapolis, site of this year?s World Police and Fire Games (WPFG), welcomed dozens of Memphis officers who proceeded to make their marks in the record books and on the playing fields.

Congratulations to the women?s MPD basketball team and their coach, Tony Rosser. They brought home a silver medal losing to the Los Angeles Police team in the Gold medal game. Silver Medal Women?s Basketball Team members are: Lolita Robinson, Kiva Becton, Kitty Price, Jocelyn Robinson, Kimberly Shealy, Regina Smith, Tawana Willis. The men?s basketball team did not medal but did have a respectable 8th place finish.

Over on the bike trails Wilton Cleveland, Trey Shull, Robert "Bo" Hardy, Sharon Birk and Tony Kingery raced over hill and dale but were unsuccessful in their medal quests. Wilton and Tony finished 5th and 7th out of 24 entrants in the street bike senior sprints. Sharon finished in 2nd place in the senior time trials and 4th place in both the senior cross country and senior road race. Trey finished 19th out of 36 in his event - heavyweight cross country open - while Bo finished 23rd out 45 in his event - men?s open cross country. Tony competed in the senior cross country event and he finished 35th out of 47.

On the bowling lanes William Porter was busy knocking down pins in several categories while David "Radar" O?Bryan was slinging his way to a bronze medal in the open doubles division on horseshoes.Themen?s soccer team faced a challenge from the many international teams and finished 11th out of 24 teams. At the softball diamond the men?s softball team finished in 21st place out of 31 teams.

Congratulations to all the participants and medal winners who proudly represented the MPD in this year?s event. The next WPFG will be in Barcelona, Spain in 2003.

World's Fastest Cop!
Dennis McNeil entered the 2001 World Police & Fire Games as the 2 times "World's Fastest Cop." With many expectations and participants to compete against, he quickly forgot about the stress fracture in his foot.

After cruising through the 100 meters preliminary and semi-finals, the excruciating pain grew worse. But Dennis' goal was to bring home the Gold and to become the 3x consecutive "World's Fastest Cop." Needless to say, he prevailed and will modestly wear this title until the 2003 World Police & Fire Games in Barcelona, Spain.

Men's Track Team Wins Gold
The Memphis Police Sports Hall of Fame men?s 4x100 meter relay team traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete against fifty-three countries in the 2001 World Police &Fire Games. The men?s track team consisted of William Green, Robert Harris, Godfrey Howard, Timothy Green and Dennis McNeil.

More than 8,500 participants entered to compete in these Games. Moreover, hundreds of spectators were on site to witness the men?s 4x100 meter relay team compete against Los Angeles Police Department, Ontario, Canada, Indiana State Police Department, Barcelona, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago and a "pool" team to make the final eight teams.

With the announcement of the finalists, Team Memphis proudly wore their white t-shirts with blue bold letters reading "IT'S A MEMPHIS THANG." Several questions were asked, "What is "IT'S A MEMPHIS THANG?" There was no reply. Somewhat disappointed by the assignment of lane #7, Team Memphis viewed this from a Rodney Dangerfield approach.

All teams were on the track and in their appropriate lanes. Before the smoke could clear and the deafening echoing sound from the starters gun silenced, William Green, the Ignition, had exploded from the starting blocks with the quickness of a cheetah to negotiate the 1st 100 meters curve before passing the baton to Robert Harris, the Engine.

Like poetry in motion, their baton exchange put Team Memphis up front. Robert immediately blew smoke from his nostrils - like the little engine that could - down the back stretch as he accelerated with every step while chanting, " I think I can, I think I can." Completing half of the race, Robert shouted, "Get out!" to the new kid on the block, Godfrey Howard.

A little hesitant, but excited at the same time, Godfrey took off as if he was playing a game of tag. With a look of desperation not to be caught, he ran as if he had something to prove. And that he did. As Godfrey battled in the last curve, he passed the baton to the patiently awaiting pilot, Dennis McNeil.

With all cylinders running, Dennis gracefully ran with the facial expression of "We are about to land, everyone remain seated and please buckle up, thank you." Meanwhile, the other teams were determined to beat Team Memphis. The crowd roared as the last representative for each team sprinted down the final 100 meters of destiny. Stop the presses! Team Memphis won the gold and set a new Senior 4x100 meter relay team World Police & Fire Games Record.

As the crowd continued to cheer, Team Memphis proudly put on their motto t-shirts and showed good sportsmanship by congratulating the other competing teams. No one every again asked "What is "IT'S A MEMPHIS THANG"?
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