Police Stations

Uniform Patrol
The largest branch within the Memphis Police Department is Uniform Patrol, which is divided into two districts, District One and District Two. 

District One, is made up of the  Airways, Mt. Moriah , Raines, and Ridgeway Precincts.

District Two, consist of the Appling Farms, Old Allen, South Main, Tillman, and, and Crump Stations.

Uniform Patrol Officers are responsible for answering calls within the city's nine police stations.
For more information on each station, click on the links below:

District One
Ridgeway Station
3840 Ridgeway Road
Phone 901-636-4531
Fax 901-636-4536

Airway Station
2234 Truitt
Phone 901-636-4800
Fax 901-636-4818

Mt. Moriah Station
2602 Mt. Moriah
Phone 901-636-4199
Fax 901-795-6570

Raines Station
791 E. Raines
Phone 901-636-4599
Fax 901- 332-3254

District Two
Appling Farms Station
6850 Appling Farms Parkway
Phone 901-636-4400
Fax 901-373-0856

Tillman Station
426 Tillman
Phone 901-636-3000
Fax: 901-452-9612

Old Allen Station
3633 Allen Rd
Phone: 901-636-4399
Fax: 901-377-0559

Crump Station
949 E. H. Crump
Phone 901-636-4600
Fax 901-274-4570

North Main Station
444 N. Main
Phone 901-636-4099
Fax 901-545-9819

Calls for police assistance DO NOT originate from the police stations. If you need police assistance, please dial 545-COPS (2677). For an EMERGENCY, always dial 911.
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