Sec. 48-91
Sec. 48-91 - Exterior surfaces
(a) Generally. Every foundation, exterior wall, roof and all other exterior surfaces shall be maintained in a workmanlike state of maintenance and repair and shall be kept in such condition as to exclude rodents and other vermin

(b) Foundations. The foundation elements shall adequately support the building at all points

(c) Walls; wood surfaces. Every exterior wall shall be free of holes, breaks, loose or rotting boards or timbers, and any other conditions which might admit rain or dampness to the interior portions of the walls or to the occupied spaces of the building. All exterior wood surfaces, other than decay resistant wood, but not limited to walls, shall be made impervious to adverse effects of weather by periodic application of paint or a similar protective coating and shall be maintained in a good state of repair. All new exterior wood surfaces, other than decay resistant wood, shall be protected from the elements and decay by painting or other protective covering or treatment. All exterior surfaces shall be kept free of defects including scaling, peeling and loose paint. All lead hazards shall be abated by employing the use of nationally accepted standards and techniques, and in compliance with all applicable laws and ordinances. The use of lead-based paint is specifically prohibited.

(d) Roofs. The roof shall be structurally sound, with and have no defects which might admit rain, and roof drainage shall be adequate to prevent rainwater from causing dampness in the walls or interior portions of the building. The placing of new roofing conforming to this section over existing combustible roofing shall not be prohibited, provided that the roofing is of a material which can be firmly and securely attached to form a weather tight covering, and provided the existing roof structure is adequate to carry the additional load.
(Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)
Copyright 2017 City of Memphis
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