Environmental Maintenance
Collection System Maintenance Activities
The primary components of a wastewater collection system include manholes, sewer lines, and lift stations (pumps). These components function to protect the public health and the environment by transporting wastewater from residences, businesses, and industry to the wastewater treatment plants. The City of Memphis owns, operates, and maintains approximately 2,600 miles of sanitary sewers, 100 lift stations, and 80,000 manholes.

The City uses an integrated program to operate and maintain the wastewater collection system. The integrated program includes inspection, cleaning, and repair. The inspection of the system utilizes site visits for above ground and robotic closed circuit TV for inside the pipe viewing. The cleaning aspect is accomplished using hydraulic methods such as high pressure wash trucks and/ or the mechanical methods of rodders and bucket machines. The repair component of the program involves construction activities to maintain and restore flow capacity.

To report sewer line blockages, sewer overflows, missing manhole covers, sewer odors, etc. call Environmental Maintenance at 901-529-8025.
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Environmental Maintenance
Service Requests: (901) 529-8025
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