Industrial Monitoring & Pretreatment Program
The City of Memphis Industrial Monitoring and Pretreatment Program (IMPP) regulates the Industrial User’s that discharge to the City’s Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW). The POTW includes the collection system and the wastewater treatment plants. The City operates two wastewater treatment plants that on average treat an estimated 46 millions gallons per day is Industrial wastewater.

The City of Memphis Sewer Use Ordinance (SUO) Sec. 33-81 requires most Industries that discharge wastewater to POTW, to have an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit (IWDP). This permit is issued by the IMPP with the appropriate parameters for each individual Industry, which are determined by Federal, State, and Local regulations. These permits are typically effective for 5 years. An IWDP application must be completed and submitted to the IMPP before an IWDP can be issued. Contact the IMPP Manager for a copy of the IWDP application.

The primary purpose of the IMPP is to protect the collection system, the workers in the collection system, the performance of the treatment plants, the treatment plant Biosolids, and the water quality of the receiving stream. This is done through a City sampling and inspection program, along with the Industry’s self-monitoring requirements.

The City’s IMPP currently regulates 100 Significant Industrial Users, of which 51 are Categorical Industrial Users, and 98 Non-Significant Industrial Users.

The IMPP also regulates Hauled waste. The City’s designated offloading site is at the M.C. Stiles Treatment Facility. Each Waste Hauler is issued a permit by the IMPP. This permit is effective for 1 year. The City currently accepts grease trap waste, car wash pits, and septic tank waste without prior approval. The City also accepts Industrial waste, but requires prior approval.

For any questions, please contact the IMPP at (901) 636-4308 or 636-4338.
Contact Information
 (901) 636-4308
 (901) 636-4338
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