Public Works Opens Odor Control Facility

On August 21, 2000 the Public Works Division started up a 3.4 million dollar Odor Control Facility at the T. E. Maxson Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Odor Control Facility was designed by Ellers, Reeves, and Associates and built by Baumgartner General Contractors Inc. Due to very high strength wastewaters discharged by several food processing industries into the Maxson Plant, the odors were quite objectionable. Employees, visitors, and surrounding neighbors were subjected to these odors frequently. The Odor Control Facility was built to eliminate this very large problem.

The Odor Control Facility captures the atmosphere from the influent junction box, the influent wetwell, the grit chamber, and the primary clarifiers weir overflow area and conveys the odorous air to four biofilters. The biofilters use screened mulch from the City of Memphis yard waste recycling operation as the media for odor removal. Bacteria that removes odor causing compounds from the air develops naturally on the mulch media. As the air is moved through the media the odor causing compounds are thus remediated.

The reduction in odor around the processes included in this project was very apparent by the nose test. Once the biofilters become fully functional, our employees?, visitors?, and neighbors? olfactory sensors should find the plant to have a much more pleasing aroma.

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