History of Memphis Solid Waste Management
1878 First organized City of Memphis solid waste collections - thought to be a correlation between yellow fever and garbage
1878-1940 Garbage collected by hand and mule driven carts
1920-1940 Motorized vehicles replace mule driven carts
1968 1st solid waste fee implemented ($2.50 mo.) July Labor strike by Sanitation employees
1976 Solid waste fee increase to $3.50 mo. (July)
1977 Solid waste fee increased to $4.50 mo. (Aug)
  Solid waste fee decreased to $4.00 mo (Oct)
1979 Solid waste fee increased to $5.00 mo. (July)
? till 1981 Garbage collected twice per week back door - yard waste on Wednesdays
1981 Changed from back door to curbside collection with 90 gal. twice per week.
1983 Solid waste fee decrease to $4.50 mo.(July)
1989 Solid waste fee increase to $5.00 mo. (July)
1991 TN Solid Waste Management Act (requires 25% waste reduction annually beginning 1994)
  U.S. 'Subtitle D' legislation passes - Landfill requirements/costs for disposal dramatically increase
  Solid waste fee increase to $6.50 mo. (May)
1992 1st curbside recycling program began (pilot of 500 homes in Scenic Hills)
1994 Ice storm (Feb. 10th) 2.6 million cubic yds. of debris collected
  Resident survey - 64% would prefer garbage and yard waste collections on same day
1995 Conversion by areas to 1x week garbage, recycle, yard on same day (first - Midtown in Oct.)
  Yard debris recycling program implemented (grinding/composting)
  Cordova annexed (July - Waste Mgmt. contractor)
  City enters into 10 yr recycling contract with FCR Inc. (Aug.) construction begins
1996 Bellevue Facility Area conversion to 1x week (April)
  Scott Facility Area conversion to 1x week (Dec)
  City's first recycling facility opens on Farrisview Blvd (FCR operator)
  Mobile homes contracted (Mayfield Sanitation 1st contractor)
  FCR Inc. begins processing/marketing City's recycling material (service start date Aug. 26)
1997 Democrat Area conversion to 1x week (Mar)
  Brooks Area conversion to 1x week (June) - now complete citywide
  City enters into 20 yr. disposal agreement with BFI landfills (July 1) expires June 30, 2017
1999 Hickory Hill annexed (Jan. - Safety Lights contractor)
  Democrat & Brooks facilities close, move to new Farrisview Solid Waste Facility
2000 Solid waste fee increase to $7.00 (July)
2002 Southeast Industrial area annexed then recinded - delivered, then returned carts
  Countrywood annexed (May - BFI contractor)
  City & FCR renegotiate recycling contract due to effects of Enron collapse, extend 5yrs. (June)
2003 Hillshire annexed (Jan. - City service)
  Southeast Industrial annexed (Jan. - BFI contractor)
  Wind storm "Hurricane Elvis" (July 22) 1.5 million cu. yds debris collected
2005 Getwell West annexed (Jan. - City service)
  Raleigh North (Dec. - City service)
  Solid waste fee increase to $19.00 mo. (July)
  Solid waste fee discount program implemented for those 65 yrs old/older whose household earn less than $25,000 yr. or 100% disabled (July)
2007 Berryhill annexed (Jan. - BFI contractor)
  Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility opens (Nov. - Shelby Co. is City subcontractor)
  City & FCR renegotiate contract to adding OCC and 5 yrs (expires Aug. 26 2016)
2008 Solid waste fee increase to $20.55 mo. (July)
2009 All Star Waste Systems awarded contract for garbage & recycling at 34,000 homes (July)
  Waste Connections awarded contract for garbage/recycling/trash at mobile homes (July)
  Wind storm (June 12th) generates over 100,000 cu. yds of debris.
  Solid Waste Mgmt. reroutes city into North & South service areas (July)
2010 Solid waste fees increase to $25.05 mo. (July)
  Cart lease program implemented (July) - residents may lease additional City cart for $5.00 ea. mo.

History in Photos

Horse drawn cart Old Truck Old Trucks

Old Waste Facility Modern Truck
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