(Beginning October 11, 2010)
Beginning October 11, 2010, the City of Memphis will implement what is commonly referred to as Volume Based Pricing or Pay-As-You-Throw solid waste services. There are various types of Pay-As-You-Throw programs being utilized by cities throughout the U.S. and the concept has proven to be a very equitable and successful form of municipal solid waste management. The Pay-As-You-Throw program developed by the City of Memphis consists of a base of weekly services, which includes the current once per week collection of one garbage cart, recycling and yard debris for the monthly fee of $25.05. Homes generating more waste than what the base weekly services can provide must pay for their additional needs by leasing another City cart for $5 each per month. However, in Pay-As-You-Throw, personally owned garbage cans are unacceptable; therefore, beginning October 11th, the City will no longer service personally owned garbage cans, containers and carts, including carts previously purchased from the City. Again, only the one City cart assigned to your address, recycling bin and leased carts will be serviced after October 11th. Note: Occasional excess waste/refuse properly bagged and tied will continue to be acceptable.

Residents requiring or desiring more than one garbage cart may lease additional carts for $5 each per month added to the solid waste fee on utility bills. To order a lease cart call 576-6851 and request an order form or download instructions and a Lease Cart Order Form.
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