Top Ten Code Violations

Ten Common Code Violations (Memphis & Shelby County)



Junk, Trash, Debris
1. Accumulation of Junk, Trash, and Debris

It is a violation to accumulate junk, trash and debris on residential property. This includes discarded items, auto parts, appliances, furniture, building materials, tires, paper, cardboard, plastics, dead limbs and branches. All garbage should be disposed of by placing it in the appropriate container and placing it on the curb for collection. (Call solid waste to arrange for pick up).

Open Storage of Material and Furnishings
2. Open Storage of Material and Furnishings

It is a violation to openly store on residential property any equipment, materials or furnishing that is dangerous to public health, safety or welfare or that creates an unsightly condition that would reduce property value or promote urban blight. This may include, but not limited to outdoor use of indoor furniture, or outside storage of houshold appliances, auto parts or building materials.

Parking & Storing Inoperable (Junk) Motor Vehicles
3. Parking & Storing Inoperable (Junk) Motor Vehicles

It is a violation to park, store or leave any vehicle that is rusted, wrecked, junked, partially dismantled, inoperable or abandoned upon any property for ten (10 days unless the vehicle is completedly enclosed within a building.

Excessive Weed, Grass, Trees and Shrubs
4. Excessive Weeds, Grass, Trees and Shrubs

It is a violation to allow grass or weeds to grow over 12 inches high, or allow plants, shrubs, or trees to grow in a manner that will obstruct traffic or the visibility of motorist. This includes overgrowth to trees and vegetation that block sidewalks or hang into public streets or utility services.

Substandard Structures and Fences
5. Substandard Structures and Fences

It is a violation to neglect accessory structures, including storage sheds, garages and fences. They are to be maintained structurally sound and in good repair to serve their intended purpose. This includes damage to framing, walls, ceilings, floors, decking and roof.

Off Street Parking
6. Off Street Parking

It is a violation to park or store any vehicle on the lawn/grass of any residential property. All vehicles must park on concrete, asphalt, or other hard dustless surface approved by the city. The number of vehicles parked at a dwelling shall not exceed more than four (4) vehicles.

Recreational Vehicles & Equipment
7. Special Use/Recreational Vehicles & Equipment

No person shall park or store any motorized vehicle or equipment such as boats, campers and trailers and no more than one (1) camping trailer or recreation vehicle per house. No parts of such parking or storage area shall be located in the front yard. It shall also be unlawful for any person to park or store any such vehicles on any residential street.

Commercial Vehicles and Equipment
8. Commercial Vehicles and Equipment
It is a violation to park, stand or store any commercial truck exceeding 8,000 pounds in weight or truck tractor on a residential property or a residential street. Contact Shelby County Code for further information or complaints.

Abandoned and Derelect Structures
9. Abandoned and Derelict Structures

It is a violation for any property owner to refuse to properly secure any structure he or she owns to prevent loitering of vagrants or criminal activity. This includes but is not limited to any vacant house, building or structure where the doors and windows are broken or open to causal entry.

General Service & Repair Shops
10. General Service & Repair Shops

It is a violation to own or operate a commercial business in a district zoned residential without proper permits. Certain commercial establishments are strictly prohibited in residential zoned areas. This includes any for profit general repair services, such as automotive, equipment or appliance repair shop. Contact Shelby County Code for further information or complaints.

Contact Numbers:
City of Memphis Code Enforcement: 576-7464
Animal Control: 362-5310
Drain Maintenance: 357-0100
311 Center: 311
Memphis Fire Anti-Neglect: 320-5356
MLGW: 544-6549
Public Works: 311
Shelby County Code Enforcement: 379-4237
Shelby County Health Department: 324-5922
Solid Waste Management: 311

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