Dance and Music
  • Ballet Memphis
    Professional dance group with 20 full time dancers and a 2 million dollar budget. They put on four shows annually at the Orpheum Theatre.

    (901) 737-7322

  • Classical Ballet
    This group is part of the Germantown series at GPAC. Members of the troupe have won numerous award in the past few years.

    (901) 323-1947

  • Concerts International
    Concerts International has been bringing chamber music from abroad to Memphis for 28 years.

    (901) 527-3067

  • Germantown Chorus
    The Germantown Chorus began as a one-time summer program but has grown to entertain audiences for 12 years now.

    (901) 324-0530

  • Memphis Symphony Orchestra  
    The Memphis Symphony Orchestra continues its tradition of variety in its Masterworks series featuring the talents of conductor David Goebel and pianist Jon Nakamatsu among others.

    (901) 360-3627

  • Opera Memphis  
    Opera Memphis has been operating and entertaining Memphis for years.

    (901) 678-2706 

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