Mapping Memphis
City of Memphis Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

The City of Memphis GIS Group is a part of a Memphis area GIS community. As such, it participates in regional oversight of GIS issues and data sharing. The GIS Group then incorporates the GIS data into online, desktop and mobile web-mapping applications and geographic analyses for the City of Memphis. The group advises city groups on GIS capabilities and work with contractors to create quality GIS data and mapping software applications. The GIS Group is also active in the Memphis Area Geographic Information Council (MAGIC), working as members, as advocates for GIS technology and as advisors for government officials and other decision makers.

Our primary offering to the public is our MapMemphis web map viewer.  We also host an applications for use by OPD/DPD and the general public. The Explore Memphis web mapping tool offers mapping views into area attractions, Community Assets, Governmental Jurisdictions, Schools, and Public Safety.   Click the appropriate monitor below to open the application.  Be sure that your browser allows popup tools.

Della Adams
GIS Program Manager
Memphis GIS Department
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