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Memphis & Shelby County Cross Connection Board

Selection Process:
(4) members appointed by the City Mayor and confirmed by the City Council, with one designate as Chairman. (4) members appointed by the County Mayor and confirmed by the County Commission. The (8) members of the Cross Connection Board shall be designated in the following manner: Position #1 - Plumbing Department Representative;
Position #2 - Building Department Representative;
Position #3 - Citizen Representative;
Position #4 - Citizen Representative;
Position # 5 - Citizen Representative;
Position #6 - Industry at Large;
Position #7- Memphis, Light, Gas & Water Representative
Position # 8 - Memphis and Shelby County Health Department Representative.

8 Member Board.

Function & Authority:
To assist the Plumbing Official, the Water Purveyor and the Health Officer in the enforcement of the Plumbing Code. The Board shall serve as an appeals Board.

Terms Of Members:
3 Year term.