BRAVO Memphis Spot Bonus and Project Bonus

Supporting our mission to attract and retain top talent, today we are pleased to announce BRAVO Memphis – our spot bonus program.

In an effort to recognize individual employees and show you how important your hard work is to our mission, especially cognizant of our employees who went above and beyond during the recent heavy storms, we are launching this new award.

BRAVO Memphis Spot and Project Bonuses highlight outstanding employees who exemplify exceptional customer service, leadership, teamwork, and other distinguished achievements. This program provides immediate and visible recognition of employee contributions. Employees who receive a BRAVO or Project bonus will be automatically nominated for an Ovation Award – at our annual employee recognition ceremony.

BRAVO bonuses are $250.00. Employees are eligible to receive up to three BRAVO bonuses in a calendar year. All regular, full-time and contingent employees (part time & seasonal) up to the director level are eligible to receive spot awards. Only regular, full-time employees are eligible for project bonuses. Independent contractors and contracted employees, whether contracted by the City or through an agency, are not eligible under this policy.

Ready to nominate an employee? Check out the attached Spot Award & Project Bonus Guidelines for criteria, categories, and other details. The nomination form is linked here.

If you have any questions about BRAVO Memphis, please reach out to Please share with your management teams.

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