Douglass / Crump Bungalow Community Development Corporation
1583 North Hollywood
Memphis, TN 38108
Phone: 901 454-7022

Fax: 901 454-7056


Donnie Mitchell
Executive Director

Tracey Mann
Executive Assistant






To rebuild, restore and renew our community by providing affordable housing, economic development, and environmental safety.


Douglass, Bungalow & Crump CDC is a not-for- profit community development corporation serving the North Memphis, TN and the Greater Memphis area. We are dedicated to the rebuilding of the community through the provision of services in the areas of housing, economic development, education, & environmental safety. Along with its partners – City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development, Renaissant Bank, the Shelby County Department of Housing, and HUD – the organization is working to make affordable housing attainable in the North Memphis community.


The neighborhood boundaries are-- North Boundary: Wolf River, East Boundary: Holmes Street, South Boundary: Illinois Rail Road, West Boundary: Carpenter Street. CLICK HERE to get boundary map.


Douglass, Bungalow & Crump CDC has been in existence since 1986. Since then, organization’s main focus has been affordable housing. DBC CDC has acquired, constructed or rehabilitated over 3
0 housing units to date.


In order to provide a suite of services complimentary to affordable housing, DBC CDC has expanded its offered services beyond housing construction to include:

HUD –Certified Counseling – Douglass, Bungalow & Crump offers comprehensive housing counseling services for residents of the City of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. This program provides high quality counseling service to clients based on their individual needs and goals. Homebuyer Education is the available counseling topic.

Minor Home Repair Services – In partnership with the City of Memphis, Division of Housing and Community Development, Douglass, Bungalow & Crump CDC provides minor home repair services to low-and moderate-income elderly homeowners in the City of Memphis at no charge. Currently in its third year, this program has assisted over 100 homeowners in receiving badly needed repairs to their homes. The program is specifically dedicated to addressing critical needs and focuses on trouble areas including leaking roofs, plumbing problems, heating and cooling, electrical issues, etc.


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