Frayser Community Development Corporation
3684 North Watkins
Memphis, Tennessee 38127

Main: (901) 354-9401
Fax: (901) 354-9405

Steve Lockwood
Executive Director

Beverly Richardson

Charia Jackson
Housing Counselor

Alice Rutherford
Administrative Assistant


Board of Directors:
Johnnie Hatten-President

Martha Jackson -Vice President

Shelly Rice -Treasurer

Patricia Burnett -Secretary



To work with the community to provide improved housing and stimulate commercial and economic growth.

Established in January 2000, the Frayser Community Development Corporation (Frayser CDC) is a HUD approved non-profit that acts as a revitalization engine for the area. Frayser CDC purchases, renovates, and resells homes, most of which are HUD foreclosures, to low-to-moderate income first-time home buyers. Frayser envisions a diverse community of choice where people live safely in affordable homes, send their children to good schools, have access to goods and services as well as to productive employment.

Bad borrowing and lending practices have resulted in high foreclosure rates in Frayser. Foreclosures are devastating to individual families. They also have a negative impact on the entire neighborhood since they remain empty for a long time and lower surrounding home values. Frayser CDC recognizes that one of the best ways to combat the increasing foreclosure rates is proactive intervention. The organization initiated financial literacy in its campaign by offering free default counseling, credit counseling, and assistance in refinancing high-risk Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs).

Educating homeowners about the variety of options available is pivotal in the campaign to combat the far-reaching affects caused by devalued properties and questionable loan terms. Predatory and sub-prime loans have been growing issues for borrowers and the correlation to foreclosure is seen as a root cause in the Frayser area.

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In October 2001, the City of Memphis awarded Frayser Community Development Corporation the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) designation and awarded capacity building funds. This designation by the City of Memphis was in answer to the community’s desire to stimulate new investment and stabilize the housing market in Frayser.

The mission of Frayser CDC is to spark meaningful dialogue about the need for change and put forth effective solutions for the growing home-affordability problem. Frayser CDC strives to add vitality to the local economy by improving the understanding of affordable homes, and in doing so, improve the quality of life for communities by bringing stability to families.

Frayser CDC, in this time of rapid change in real estate and mortgage industries, promotes home ownership and is positioning the Frayser community as a beautiful, affordable, and conveniently located community.

Frayser CDC encourages renewal and reinvestment in the Frayser community with numerous programs, including:

  • Home Buyer Education—Produces well-informed buyers equipped with the necessary tools to become homeowners: from budgeting to real estate terms and basic mortgage information.
  • Affordable Home Sales—Increases access to affordable homes for working families while building the Frayser Community as a neighborhood of choice.
  • Mortgage Default/Loss Mitigation Counseling—Assists homeowners who are being threatened by foreclosure.
  • Credit Counseling---Assist individuals with understanding their credit reports, developing a spending plan, developing a plan to remove credit obstacles to homeownership, learning how to establish credit.

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