Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Mission:  To provide consultation, advice, and administrative services that support and promote the City's labor relations and equal employment opportunity philosophy and policies.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Responsibility
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion is involved with the various union memorandums of understanding (MOUs) involving negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and investigations to seek resolution.  To this end the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office provides advice to Management, the Union and Employees to promote harmonious relationships between the parties and build trust within City Government.

The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office likewise supports the City’s overall EDI policies and procedures by investigating and answering all complaints of alleged discrimination and harassment to ensure that all employees are treated fairly and with due respect for the individual.  The City of Memphis Government is an equal opportunity employer.  It is the policy of the City of Memphis Government to prohibit illegal discrimination and harassment of any type and to afford equal employment opportunities to employees and applicants, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, political affiliation, or other non-merit factors.

Additionally the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office is involved in the development of specific policies and procedures and supports the overall education and training of employees

Employee Relations and MOUs
The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office is responsible for negotiating with labor organizations that represent City workers. These negotiations include Memoranda of Understanding with the various organizations. The office is also responsible for:
  • managing, investigating, and assisting in resolving grievances;
  • interpreting the MOUs, and providing advice to management;
  • implementing economic and non-economic provisions;
  • reviewing  charges of unfair labor practices; and
  • conduct basic labor transactions.

Equal Employment Opportunity
The City of Memphis is committed to equal employment opportunity (EEO). It is the policy of the City to ensure:
  • EEO for all applicants and employees;
  • that employees are selected and promoted based on merit and without discrimination;
  • and reasonable accommodation is provided for qualified applicants and employees that require them
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Office
125 N. Main Street
Suite 414
Memphis, TN 38103
(901) 636-6874


   Monday - Friday
   8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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