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Search Pets at MAS

Search the Shelter Three Ways

If your pet is lost, it’s possible we’re housing them here at MAS. Make sure you’re using all the resources available to see if your pet is here! There are three main ways to search for your pet at MAS. We recommend that you use ALL THREE WAYS.

1. Look through every single dog or cat listed as being housed at MAS. There may be pages and pages. Look through them all, as many times per day as possible. Our system is constantly updating these pages with new pets that have come in.


2. Come to MAS at 2350 Appling City Cove during our adoption hours daily from 12-4pm plus until 7pm Tuesdays/Thursdays (closed most holidays). Let our staff know your pet is lost and you need to look through the kennels.

3. Search for specific traits with our search tool. Searching here will show you pets matching your search criteria being housed here at Memphis Animal Services. We recommend keeping your search criteria as broad as possible to get the most results, and remember that many of the search terms, such as size, estimated age, and color can be subjective. 

Animal Type

Cat Dog Other

Animal Age

< 1 year > 1 year No Preference

Animal Gender

Male Female No Preference

Animal Color Group

Black Brown White Other No Preference

Animal Size

Small Medium Large No Preference