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MAS Announces Temporary Field Operations & Intake Policy Changes

In an abundance of caution, and based on recommendations from the National Animal Care & Control Association (NACA), Memphis AnimalServices is enacting revised intake policies to comply with the social distancing guidelines issued by the CDC. Additionally, these temporary policy revisions are a response to a significant decrease in adoptions, reclaims and rescue transfers, which has resulted in a capacity crisis at our facility. We simply do not have enough kennels as the number of animals coming in is greatly exceeding the number of animals going out.

Until further notice:
• Memphis Animal Services Officers will only impound animals that pose an immediate threat to public safety or that need immediate medical care.
• Memphis Animal Services Intake Desk (at the shelter) will only accept emergency intakes. All owner surrender appointments have been pushed back as well.

Additionally, we are seeking as many fosters as possible to care for pets in their homes until normal operations can be resumed. Should we be forced to reduce our workforce levels, having fewer pets requiring care in our facility will be imperative. If you can foster a pet now, please come into our facility during our adoption hours, or fill out this form to be on call for any emergency foster needs that may arise.


Petco Foundation Invests in Lifesaving Work of Memphis Animal Services

Memphis Animal Services has been awarded a $22,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support its lifesaving work.  [See more]

Petco Foundation to Match All Donations Up to $15,000 to Memphis Animal Services Through June 30

Through June 30, all donations to Memphis Animal Services will be matched up to $15,000 by the Petco Foundation to help save twice as many pet lives. The Petco Foundation investment aims to help save more animal lives in Memphis and Shelby County through the COVID-19 crisis. [See more]

Fire Finders: MAS & Memphis Fire Department Working Together to Get Found Pets Home

Memphis Animal Services and Memphis Fire Department have partnered to offer a new service to citizens with “Fire Finders,” a program funded by a grant from Maddie’s Fund. The “Fire Finders” program provides pet microchip scanners for every MFD fire station. [See more]

Anthony & Bobo: Community Comes Together to Reunite Homeless Artist with His Beloved Dog

Anthony is an artist who found himself homeless after some devastating events in his life. He doesn’t have a place to live, and he doesn’t always have food to eat. But he has a best friend, a sweet dog named Bobo. And he always makes sure Bobo has enough to eat.

A couple weeks ago, Anthony woke up to find Bobo was gone. He was distressed and immediately contacted friends to help him look for Bobo. They made signs and put them all over town. They talked to the people who knew Anthony and Bobo. When a dog matching Bobo’s description showed up at MAS yesterday, one of our employees, Emily, recognized Bobo immediately! She called the number on the LOST poster, and Anthony’s friend gave him a ride to the shelter within minutes to see Bobo again.

[Click here to watch their reunion and learn how you can help them.]

Memphis Animal Services Completes Cruelty Investigation Training

Memphis Animal Services announced today the completion of the National Animal Cruelty Investigations School – Professional Investigator training by its field operations team. [See more]

Special Shy Cat Looking for Home in #LoveToTheMax Campaign

Follow and share his progress on Facebook & Instagram with the #LoveToTheMax hashtag! Max A308238 is a painfully shy cat who had been a long time MAS resident. [See More] 

Mid-South Shelters & Rescues Learn to Save More Lives with Dog Playgroups from Dogs Playing for Life

In December, Memphis Animal Services hosted dog playgroup training by Dogs Playing for Life, a non-profit organization that has trained over 230 shelters to incorporate playgroups for dogs into their daily operations, thanks to a grant from Animal Farm Foundation. [See more]