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Business Services Unit

Looking to start a business in or relocate a business to Memphis? Wanting to conduct business with the City or just learn how the process works? The goal of this section is to provide helpful answers to people who seek just such things. Please Contact Us with comments regarding how we can further enhance your experience here.

Competitive Bidder’s Prep Accelerator Program 

The Office of Business Diversity & Compliance is launching its first business services city-wide program, the Competitive Bidder’s Prep Accelerator (CBPA). CBPA is a (3) three-month long course designed to identify and groom potential “willing, ready and able” suppliers for the City of Memphis.

This fall, we are looking to recruit and invest in 20 commercial companies with aspirations to actively bid as primes with the City of Memphis but are in need of guidance and technical support through this program.

How to find out if this program is best for you?

  • Have you been in business for at least 2 years?
  • Are you looking to get a better understanding of how to do business with the city?
  • Are you looking to receive assistance with certification? 

Click here to watch the video to learn more about this program.

Special Instructions: Download the application by clicking the button below. Complete and submit the application by clicking the submit application button below.


Starting a Business

Starting a new business is a major task and knowing the correct steps to take gives your business a much better chance of success. Many things need to be taken into consideration when starting a business such as:

  • Identifying the reasons for wanting to go into business
  • Selecting the business that is right for you
  • Choosing the legal structure for your business
  • Choosing the location of your business
  • Listing the resources (equipment, supplies, and people) needed to operate this business
  • Finding out what business insurance will be needed
  • Developing a business plan
  • Analyzing the financial resources you have and what you will need
  • Finding out your tax obligations
  • Selecting how to promote your business

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