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Propel Accelerator

Defining Propel:
The City of Memphis Office of Business Diversity & Compliance is partnering with Start Co to create a 12-week minority business accelerator called Propel. Propel was designed to build capacity with existing minority companies through enhancement of business models through offering a series of hands-on programming, mentor opportunities, technical resources and more.

Business Participant Criteria:

  • Two or more full-time employees
  • At least $200,000 in annual revenues
  • Established for more than three years

Expected outcomes:

  • 10 teams complete the program
  • Increased engagement of governments and corporations
  • Increased business viability of select program participants
  • Customer day to showcase the teams

This partnership with Start Co aims to be an example of many resources that can meet both parties in the middle while offering results. Propel will seek to reduce bias, both blatant and implicit, and it will serve to close the gap that exists due to the lack of generational wealth and entrepreneurship experience, access to mentors and resources, and overall general knowledge.

Want to learn more? 

Email or call the Office of Business Diversity & Compliance at 901-636-6210.

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