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Updated Purchasing P&P Section 9.7 – Public Opening and Announcement – Download PDF

Item NameStatusDescriptionPosted onDeadline
LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS – 06/21-22/22OpenDownload06/17/202207/06/2022
LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS- 06/21-22/22OpenDownload06/17/202207/06/2022
NOTICE TO BIDDERS 6-14-202OpenDownload06/10/202207/06/2022
LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS 6-28-2022OpenDownload06/24/202207/13/2022
RFP 71567 Pinch Development Partner Addendum One (1) Answers to QuestionsOpenDownload06/30/202207/13/2022
LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS 4-19-2022OpenDownload04/14/202207/13/2022
RFP 71583 Development Partner for 3373 Regal PlazaOpenDownload04/19/202207/13/2022
RFP 71567 a Development Partner for 369-371 N. Main Street for Residential, Commercial, or Mixed-use DevelopmentOpenDownload04/19/202207/13/2022
RFP 71575 Sustainable Funding ConsultantOpenDownload06/08/202207/13/2022
6-15-2022 Bid Session ResultsOpenDownload06/16/202207/15/2022
6.22.2022 Bid Session ResultsOpenDownload06/23/202207/22/2022
Bid Session Results 6-29-2022OpenDownload06/30/202207/30/2022
RFP 71626 Parks Facilities Fire and Security Systems Addendum 1OpenDownload06/16/202208/03/2022
LEGAL NOTICE TO BIDDERS 7-5-2022OpenDownload06/30/202208/03/2022
RFP 71611 Smart Memphis Fiber Initiative Questions and Answers Addendum Two (2)OpenDownload06/17/202208/31/2022
RFP71611 Smart Memphis Fiber Initiative Addendum One (1)OpenDownload05/24/202209/14/2022