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Updated Purchasing P&P Section 9.7 – Public Opening and Announcement – Download PDF

RFP & RFQ due dates will be one week longer than normal in order to allow vendors to use USPS (or other common carriers) to submit bids to City Hall Room 354.  The City continues to accept online bids, which is the preferable method for bidding.  Vendors may also submit hard copy bids via the locked drop box in the lobby of City Hall.  * * * Beginning October 1, 2020, bids will not be accepted elsewhere in City Hall, including the Purchasing department. * * *

RFP NameStatusDescriptionPosted onDeadline
11-4-2020 Bid Session ResultsOpenDownload11/04/202012/03/2020
RFQ 51999-2 Cossitt Library CafeOpenDownload10/30/202012/09/2020
Legal Notice to Bidders 10-30-2020OpenDownload10/30/202012/09/2020
RFQ #51999-2 Cossitt Library Cafe – Addendum 1 Questions & AnswersOpenDownload11/18/202012/09/2020
Section 4(F) De Minimis and Public Notice for Wolf River Greenway Phase 15OpenDownload11/20/202012/15/2020
Legal Notice to Bidders 11-06-2020OpenDownload11/06/202012/16/2020
Legal Notice to Bidders 11-16-2020OpenDownload11/16/202012/16/2020
Legal Notice to Bidders 11-20-2020OpenDownload11/20/202012/16/2020
11-18-2020 Bid Session ResultsOpenDownload11/19/202012/18/2020
Notice of Claims for Wolf River Greenway Phase 5AOpenDownload11/20/202012/30/2020
Legal Notice to Bidders 11-25-2020OpenDownload11/25/202012/30/2020