Petco Love and Memphis Animal Services Collaborate to Combat Deadly Diseases Through Free Vaccination Events

In alignment with Petco Love’s commitment to administer one million additional free pet vaccines, Memphis Animal Services (MAS) is set to host its third free dog vaccination event, extending its reach to the Orange Mound community. Following the success of two previous events that collectively served nearly 1000 dogs, MAS aims to make these essential services a monthly occurrence, driven by the evident need and positive impact on our residents.
 Scheduled for Sábado, Marzo 9, from 10 am to 2 pm, at Tobey Park, this drive-through vaccine clinic will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. While the event may cut off the line before 2 pm due to supply and demand constraints, MAS is committed to serving at least the first 300 cars in line. It is important to note that these events specifically cater to dogs whose families may struggle to afford vaccines independently.

MAS encourages pet parents to bring their dogs on leashes if possible, but rest assured, leashes will be available for those who need them. The initiative addresses the prevalent and preventable deadly diseases in dogs, such as parvovirus and distemper, ensuring the health and well-being of beloved pets in the Memphis and Shelby County area.

“We understand the significance of preventative care for our pets, and through our partnership with Petco Love, we are determined to make these life-saving vaccines easily accessible to those in need,” said Ty Coleman, Memphis Animal Services Director. “After two successful events, our aim is to host these vaccine clinics monthly to continually serve our community and promote the health and happiness of our residents and their pets. This initiative resonates with our Mayor’s dedication to intervention and prevention of issues in our community.”

In addition to the generous support from Petco Love, MAS has received a $10,000 grant from Best Friends Animal Society, enabling them to expand their vaccine clinics into communities lacking veterinary resources. Through this collaboration, MAS plans to work with mobile veterinarian Amy Moffatt, DVM, with MobileVet Memphis, addressing veterinary deserts and reaching those in need.

Councilwoman Swearengen-Washington in District 4 has joined hands with MAS for the upcoming event, emphasizing the importance of community coordination in providing essential resources. She states, “I am thrilled to collaborate with Memphis Animal Services in bringing these vital resources to District 4 residents.  This initiative helps foster a healthier and safer environment for our cherished pets and their families. Being able to offer much-needed, expensive veterinary services to our community is a source of great pride and excitement for us.”

Through these collaborative efforts, MAS aims to vaccinate 500 dogs during the upcoming event, contributing to the broader goal of preventing the dangerous spread of disease in the community. The vaccines distributed include DAPPv Canine vaccines, rabies vaccines, and microchips, are made possible by Petco Love’s national vaccination initiative.

For more information about vaccine distribution and upcoming events, please contact Memphis Animal Services or visit Learn more about Petco Love’s impactful initiatives at

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