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Administration – Financial Operations

André D. Walker
Deputy Director

Administers the debt and Treasurer’s Office functions for the City; prepares and monitors scheduled debt payments to custodian bank and third party payee from the City; administers all transactions related to compliance with federal arbitrage rules and regulations; works with the outside consultants who calculate the arbitrage rebate liability as it pertains to the investment of bond proceeds; prepares invoices for various vendors; administers the preparation of bond sale and closing documents with financial advisor and bond counsel. Provides effective customer service to the citizens of Memphis in all Treasury and related operations.

Candi Burton
Deputy CFO

Ms. Burton works closely with the City’s CFO to plan, organize, direct, and manage the complex multi-disciplinary activities of the Finance Division. In addition to serving with the CFO, Ms. Burton had direct oversight of the Comptroller’s service centers as well as the Grants Management and Budget service areas. She is instrumental in the preparation and execution of the Finance Division’s long-range and short-range strategic plans, oversees the Division’s Internal Control and audit policies, and manages the Division’s objectives, policies, and compliance with Federal, State, and other Governmental entities.

Ms. Burton serves on the Pension Investment Committee, the Healthcare Oversight Committee, and as a member of the Debt and Bond Disclosure Management Group.