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Division of Housing & Community Development

Division of Housing & Community Development (HCD)

The Division of Housing & Community Development coordinates programs funded through federal and state grants to assist Memphis’s residents and neighborhoods. Through cooperative partnerships with the public and private sectors, the Division oversees multiple departments of which are dedicated to developing quality and affordable housing and giving business owners access to the region’s economic growth and prosperity. 

The Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) Program Applications will re-open on the first day of each month at noon, the next application period is August 1-31. See the link for more information.

Our Departments

Operations & Finance
Operations and Finance

Manages City’s contracts with third-party organizations and supports the City division’s funding needs by providing capital budget planning and procurement assistance.

Strategic Initiatives
Strategic Initiatives

Serves as a part of HCD executive’s Office in the role of the City’s in-house developer for construction/redevelopment projects, particularly those projects which are in Tourism Development Zones (TDZs) which are Downtown and around the Fairgrounds (now Liberty Park).

Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing

Assists with the eradication of blight by working with Nonprofit Housing Developers to construct homes on available lots and rehabilitate vacant homes as well as increasing the property tax base for the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and Memphis Light Gas & Water.

Homeless and Special Needs
Homeless and Special Needs

Provide grants that develop housing, pay rental assistance, and provide supportive services to low-income homeless and/or special needs populations.

Development Services
Development Services
  • Brings new resources and program opportunities to address the urgent need to expand affordable housing options and increase equitable, inclusive commercial community development while transforming disinvested neighborhoods and creating communities where residents and business owners of all incomes can prosper.
    • The program initiatives and services are administered by four offices:
      • Community Development Office
      • Weatherization Office
      • Lead Hazard Reduction Office
      • Construction Inspection Office
Neighborhood Engagement
Neighborhood Engagement

Builds long-term relationships with residents of Memphis & Shelby County through training opportunities, workshops, and conferences, and teaches the necessary skills to enhance Memphis’ neighborhoods and transform them into centers of pride and prosperity.

Planning and Policy
Planning and Policy

Seeks to develop viable communities by promoting integrated approaches that provide decent housing, and a suitable living environment while expanding economic opportunities for low and moderate-income persons.

Monitoring and Compliance
Monitoring and Compliance

Responsible for ensuring all Federal Programs (CDBG, ESG, HOME & HOPWA) administered by HCD comply with federal guidelines and cross-cutting regulations which are established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

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