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About HCD


Since 1977, the City of Memphis has demonstrated its commitment to its neighborhoods through the work of its Division of Housing and Community Development, commonly known as HCD.  The establishment of the division was made possible in 1974 by federal legislation that provided grant funding for cities nationwide to attack deterioration, blight, and disinvestment in core city neighborhoods.

Since that beginning, HCD has dramatically expanded its reach to take a more comprehensive approach to strengthen Memphis neighborhoods and serve its residents.  Today, along with its original purpose, HCD supports access to quality and affordable housing and economic development in communities by providing support for programs and organizations that provide affordable housing, reduce lead paint hazards in homes, increase energy-efficiency through weatherization, and support homeless, HIV/AIDS, domestic abuse, elderly and disabled populations. In addition, HCD directs major economic development projects like Bass Pro Shops at The Pyramid, Memphis Cook Convention Center expansion, and Memphis Youth and Events Center at the Fairgrounds as well as works in partnership on projects like South City which is transforming 880 acres adjacent to downtown Memphis.

Mission Statement: The MISSION of HCD is to make our City and our neighborhoods strong, healthy, and thriving by providing loans and grants, education and expert advice, and direct and indirect services to our entire community.

Programs & Departments

Director, Ashley Cash  
Deputy Director, Mairi Albertson

Operations & Finance
Senior Administration, Harry Green Sr.

Affordable Housing
Administrator, Twarla Guest

Development Services
Administrator, Verna Lambert

Homeless & Special Needs
Administrator, Kimberly Mitchell

Monitoring & Compliance
Administrator, Tenya Coleman

Neighborhood Engagement
Senior Manager, Joyce Cox

Planning & Policy
Administrator, Felicia Harris