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Memphis debuts a more streamlined, user-focused website

MEMPHIS (July 3, 2023) —The City of Memphis unveiled an updated website today, prioritizing user experience and accessibility while also introducing several new features including a City of Memphis radio station. The site can be found at the same location,

“These updates demonstrate our continuous commitment to improving services provided by the City of Memphis,” Communications Chief Allison Fouché said. “In addition to the more streamlined design, we have upgraded features to be more inclusive of all residents that will keep them better connected and more informed.”

The new website was created with residents, businesses, and visitors in mind. It offers links to the city’s most used pages and more intuitive landing pages while also including a direct link to City Council meetings and other sites from the home page. 

One of the biggest changes was that Memphis Animal Services (MAS) received its own web presence at making it easier for residents to connect with MAS and the assistance it provides, including adoption, fostering, lost pets, microchipping, and vaccinations.

Users will find other helpful site features such as audience-based navigation and customized modules by division, making it easier to search for information and carry out tasks with a smartphone.

“We know more people are looking at websites on their phones and tablets, so it was essential that this next iteration be able to adapt to all devices,” Fouché said. “Another objective was to create an accessible and inclusive website that lifts the barriers to communication and interaction that residents often encounter in the physical world.”

To help meet those goals as well as engage with the emerging Hispanic population in Memphis, the translation service Weglot was incorporated into the website, making it accessible to Spanish speakers. The translation function can be found in the lower right-hand corner of the website, where a user can currently select between English and Spanish.

In addition, the text-to-speech (TTS) tool ReadSpeaker has been added to the new site, making written content available to those with disabilities. Site users who visit with ReadSpeaker have the option of an audio version of the site’s content to follow along with highlighted text. ReadSpeaker also opens access for a larger population of users such as those with literacy difficulties, learning disabilities, reduced vision, and those learning a language.

Among the new features is a fitting tribute to Memphis’ cultural contributions—a City of Memphis radio station with curated music from Memphis musicians and songs with mentions of Memphis. City of Memphis Radio is “Music for the Memphis in You” with songs from genres such as Classic Rock, R&B, and Adult Contemporary. A partnership with iHeart Radio, the station can be discovered on the iHeartRadio platform as City of Memphis Radio.   The station features City of Memphis PSAs that highlight City services, initiatives, and programs