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Alarms provide a layer of security to keep your property safe from damage or theft. In 2020, 90% of all alarms recorded were false alarms. False alarms result in undue burden on Police and Fire personnel, monopolizing and diverting resources from citizens in need. Part of your responsibility as an alarm owner is to properly maintain your systems and ensure they are not “crying wolf” to your local law enforcement agency.


  • Appeals will not be accepted if: 
    • Faulty or defective equipment
    •  Improper installation or maintenance of the device
      •  In this case, please contact your alarm company
    • Alarms that occur while the alarm tech is operating on the device
    • Mistakes made by visitors, employees, contractors, or other invited persons on the property
    • Interference or triggering from by wildlife, pets, merchandise, or any objects
    • An occurrence where there is no evidence of criminal activity or fire
    • Alarms cause by loose doors and windows
    • Forgetting the password/passcode/codeword/action sequence for the device
    • Lack of a permit or unpaid/expired permit
  • In order to launch an appeal, you will need:
    • MLGW statement if the appeal is due to a power outage
    • Police Report if there was police error and actual crime occurred.
      • Police Reports can be filed online by regular civilians, but if you’d like to search for your police report go to:
      • If you have any questions about police reports you can go to
        • Central Records: to request a report online
        • MPD: in order to file reports, complaints, or any other MPD questions

False Alarms

What is a false alarm?

    • The activation of an alarm system through mechanical failure, malfunction, improper installation or through the negligence of the owner or user of the alarm system, which activation results in a response by a law enforcement agency. This means an alarm is considered a false alarm when law enforcement agencies respond to an alarm incident and found no reasonable evidence of suspicious activity or a crime.

How many free false alarms do I get?

    • Permitted alarm customers will only get one free false alarm. The second false alarm and all subsequent false alarms will result in a fine, plus cost-of -service charge.
    • Unpermitted alarms will not be allotted a free false alarm. When a false alarm occurs, unpermitted alarm customers will be liable for an additional $20 administrative fee, and be subject to cost of service charges.

How can I dispute a false alarm?

  • You can submit your dispute by visiting and completing the form or emailing us at [email protected]
  • Any individual or entity which receives notice of a false alarm may dispute the false alarm by filing with the Metro Alarm Office in writing, within 30 business days of the notification of the false alarm.  
  • Disputes for Commercial alarms verified by in-Person Confirmation that result in a false disposition, must be a notarized statement by the individual that verified the incident.


Why do I need a permit?

    • Permitted alarms systems ensure your alarm occurrences are better tracked, help 911 communications deliver services more accurately.

How do I know if I’m registered?

How do I get a permit for my alarm?

    • If you already have an alarm, you likely already have a permit that just needs to be renewed annually. If you know your login information, account number and invoice number, you can access your account at IF YOU DO NOT KNOW, Contact [email protected] for access to your account

How do I get details about the status of my permit? How can I renew my permit?

    • Metro Alarms office can provide a permit status update. You may email [email protected] for questions regarding the status of your permit.
    • In your email message, state that you are requested information about your permit status. Provide your name, address, and phone number for your account.
    • If you are unable to send the request via email, you may contact the Metro Alarms office directly at (901) 636-6380

When does my permit expire?

    • Permits expire annually on June 30th
      • Permits issued in the first six months of the calendar year (between January and June) are due by June 30 of the following year.
    • You will receive a renewal reminder notice annually by mail 

What happens if I don’t renew my permit?

    • If you do not renew your permit, your alarm system will be considered unpermitted and will be subject to additional fees. Late payments will incur an additional fee.

What are the costs for permits?

    • Registration for new permits is $30 for residents and $60 for commercial businesses
    • Renewals are $10 for residents and $25 for commercial business

Are permits transferable?

    • Permits are not transferable.


What is changed?

    • Permitted alarm customers will only get one free false alarm. The second false alarm and all subsequent false alarms will result in a fine, plus cost-of-service charge.
    • Unpermitted alarms will not be allotted a free false alarm. When a false alarm occurs, unpermitted alarm customers will be liable for an additional $20 administrative fee and be subject to cost-of-service charges.
    • Commercial “Hold Up” alarms are now subject to an additional fee.

What is the cost of service for a police false alarm?

    • $90 per call

What is the cost of service for a Fire false alarm?

    • $250 per call

Call 311 for a service request

Call 211 for community services


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