Street Maintenance


125 N. Main Street – Room #608 | Memphis, TN 38103

City of Memphis Street Maintenance is responsible for providing multiple services to maintain the City’s streets and right of ways. The City manages over 6800 lane miles not including state routes maintained by TDOT. These services are broken into two departments: Roadway Maintenance and Right of Way(ROW) Maintenance.

Roadway Maintenance is responsible for repairing potholes, cracking and crumbling asphalt, resurfacing roadways, and maintaining the edge of roadway on streets without curb and gutter. We also repair and replace guardrail, clear fallen trees from the roadway, and mitigate snow and ice during winter weather storms.

Our Right of Way Maintenance Department maintains the areas of the City’s right of way outside of the roadway. Services provided include grass cutting, graffiti removal, roadside litter collection, clearing alleyways, and tree trimming.

City of Memphis Paving Schedule

State Routes


Who should I contact about filling a pothole in the street or paving my street?

Citizens may contact the City of Memphis 311 Call Center or report it on SeeClickFix or by downloading the SeeClickFix application on a mobile device.

How do I determine if a street is a state route and how would I contact TDOT to report issues.

You can view all state routes within the City of Memphis with this interactive web map. TDOT maintenance request can be reported using their Maintenance Request Form or by calling (901)684-5467.

My driveway has damage, will the City repair it?

No, anything beyond the face of the curb or the outside edge of the asphalt is to be maintained by the property owner.

A pothole damaged my car, will the City repair it?

Each incident is different, Citizens are encouraged to visit the City of Memphis Claims Department or contact them at (901) 636-6616 for more information regarding their claim.

A tree fell on my house, will the City remove it?

No, the City is only responsible for removing trees in the street. Anything outside of the street is to be removed by the property owner.

There is litter on my street, will the City remove it?

Yes, trash in the street is will be removed by the City. Contact 311 or report via SeeClickFix to report this issue.

Does the City maintain areas outside of the roadway?

No, citizens are responsible for maintaining sidewalks, grass, driveways, and anything beyond the curb. This can be found under City Ordinance Sec. 12-24-3.