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Memphis police officers issue three different types of tickets: citationssummons, and ordinances.

citation is a parking ticket that should be paid 15 days after issuance. If the ticket is not paid within 15 days after receipt, the violator must appear in court on the scheduled court date on the bottom of the ticket and additional costs may be assessed. Any vehicle that has three or more unpaid citations issued against it is subject to booting, towing, and/or impoundment until all the tickets (citations and summons) are paid for that vehicle. Late fees are assessed on unpaid citations. Any citation ticket unpaid 60 days after the issue date will incur a $20 late fee. If the ticket remains unpaid 90 days after the issue date it will incur an additional $40 late fee for a total of $60 in late fees as of the 90th day.

summons is a ticket issued by an officer to a violator and signed by the violator. Unless the ticket is marked mandatory. If the ticket is not paid within 10 days of the court date, the violator must appear in court on the scheduled court date on the bottom of the ticket and additional costs may be assessed. Failure to appear in court will result in a default judgment being taken against the violator. Failure to pay a default judgment within 30 days may result in the suspension of the violator’s driver’s license. Ticket prices may be obtained by calling the Traffic Violations Bureau at (901) 636-3400, by email at [email protected], or by scrolling down.

An ordinance summons is a ticket issued for ordinance violations other than traffic offenses and requires a mandatory court appearance.

Pursuant to the terms of Ordinance 5108, the Memphis Traffic Violations Bureau is authorized to install and operate an Automated Red Light Enforcement System with the City for the purpose of enforcing traffic control signal regulations.

Failure to respond to the original notice will result in a $45 late fee applied to your original amount due. For more information go to www.violationinfo.com/

21-100 $57.75 Driving on divided highway
21-103 $57.75 Driving within sidewalk area
21-104 $57.75 Obstructing intersection/crosswalk
21-105 $62.75 Following too closely
21-106 Speed Limit
$42.75 1-5 MPH over speed limit
$52.75 6-10 MPH over speed limit
$67.75 11-15 MPH over speed limit
$77.75 16-25 MPH over speed limit
Court 26+ MPH over speed limit
21-107 Court Speeding in school zone
21-108 $47.75 Impeding traffic/minimum speed regulation
21-109 $62.75 Failure to yield/controlled intersection
21-110 $62.75 Failure to yield/intersection
21-111 $62.75 Stop/intersections
21-111A $62.75 Disregarding stop sign
21-111B $62.75 Failure to yield/stop sign
21-112 $62.75 One-way streets
21-113 $62.75 Turning movements generally
21-113A $62.75 Improper turns general
21-113B.1 $62.75 Improper right turn
21-113B.2 $62.75 Improper left turn
21-113B.3 $62.75 Improper left turn/wrong lane
21-114 $52.75 Driving straight in turn lane
21-115 $52.75 Prohibited turn
21-116 $52.75 Improper U-turn
21-117 $52.75 Turning/stopping signals generally
21-119 $52.75 Change of direction after signal
21-121 $62.75 Failure to yield right of way/left turn
21-122 $62.75 Improper backing
21-123 $82.75 Failure to yield/emergency vehicle
21-128 Court Reckless driving
21-129 $62.75 Striking parked vehicle/fixed object
21-133 $62.75 Disregard railroad sign/signal
21-133A $62.75 Failure to stop at railroad crossing
21-133B $62.75 Driving around/through railroad gate
21-139 $62.75 Obstructing traffic prohibited
21-141 $62.75 Unattended vehicle
21-23.1 $42.75 Child passenger safety responsibility
21-23.2 $57.75 Safety belts required
21-246 Court Failure to report accident/immediate notice to police
21-269 Court Violation state registration law
21-270 $47.75 Improper display of license plate
21-301 $57.75 Inspection of vehicle required
21-325A $62.75 Defective brakes
21-327 $57.75 Lights required on motor vehicle
21-327A $52.75 Bright lights
21-327B $57.75 Tail lights required
21-327C $57.75 Stop lights required
21-327E $57.75 Each headlamp operational
21-328 $57.75 Lights on vehicle/other than motor vehicle
21-330 $57.75 Lamp at end of train of vehicles
21-332A $57.75 No headlights
21-332B $57.75 headlights operational/rain
21-335 $47.75 Muffler required
21-338 $47.75 Windshield and windows
21-342A $62.75 Escape of load prohibited
21-371 $82.75 Traffic control signals
21-371.3A $82.75 Disregarded red light
21-372 $62.75 Disobeying flashing signals
21-377 $47.75 Controlled access roadways
21-378 $47.75 Obedience to devices
21-8 $47.75 Obedience to traffic officers
21-86 Court No driver?s license
21-87 $62.75 Devote full attention to vehicle operation
21-88.1 $62.75 Failure to maintain safe speed
21-88.2 $62.75 Failure to maintain safe lookout
21-88.3 $62.75 Failure to maintain proper control
21-91 $62.75 Pulling away from curb
21-92 $62.75 Failure to yield/emerging/entering alley, driveway
21-93 $62.75 Duty to drive to the right side of roadway
21-94 $57.75 Pass vehicle opposite direction
21-95 $57.75 Passing vehicles same direction
21-95A $57.75 Cutting in and out(passing)
21-95B $57.75 Wrong side of street passing
21-96 $57.75 Passing on right side
21-98 Court Passing stopped school bus
21-99.1 $57.75 Changing/straddling lanes
21-99.3 $57.75 Failure to drive to the right

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