|Mayor Paul A. Young - Transition Team Recommendations

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Lead Safe Memphis Office Program

Provides income -eligible residents with free lead-hazard reduction services. A child of age 6 or younger must reside in or frequently visit a home.

Liberty Park

Weatherization Assistance Program

WAP works to promote energy efficient homes for low-income households through the installation of energy conservation measures.

Liberty Park

Down payment Assistance Program

DPA provides funds to help meet the down payment and closing cost requirements needed to complete the purchase of a home in Memphis.

Emergency Rental Assistance Program

The COVID-19 Emergency Rental and Utilities Assistance Program will help eligible households pay their rent and utilities. Let us pay up to 12 months of your rent and utility.

Liberty Park

How 2 Workshops

Informational workshops that train neighborhood leaders and the general public on how to grow successful communities.

Call 311 for a service request

Call 211 for community services


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