CNW055 Crump Blvd & I-55 Interchange

SHELBY COUNTY, I-55/Crump:  Noviembre 2022 through Late Fall 2023:

Restrictions:. There is an 11’ width restriction north and southbound on I 55. Necessary detours will be posted.


Lunes, Noviembre 6: Crump Boulevard will be closed from Kentucky Street to Metal Museum Drive.  Metal Museum Drive (ingress/egress) from I-55 NB will be closed.  The egress ramp from Alston to I-55 SB will be closed.  These closures are dependent upon the Wisconsin Bridge being completed and opened to traffic prior to Octubre 30.


NEW TRAFFIC PATTERN WILL BE IMPLIMENTED (see bold items below for upcoming changes)

Beginning Lunes, Noviembre 6, 6:01 A.M. the below will describe the new traffic patterns.

  1. I-55 SB outside lane will be closed from the west end of the I-55 Bridge through the project site and the SB inside lane will cross-over at the east end of the I-55 Bridge and share the current I-55 NB cloverleaf ramp with I-55 NB and utilize the inside lane of the future I-55 NB from the cloverleaf to the south end of the project.
  2. I-55 NB outside lane of cloverleaf ramp will be closed to allow for I-55 SB use and the outside lane will remain closed to the west end of the I-55 Bridge.
  3. Wisconsin Avenue will be opened.
  4. Crump Boulevard from Kentucky St. to Metal Museum Drive will be closed.
  5. Metal Museum Drive from Alston to I-55 NB will be closed.
  6. Riverside Drive SB will remain closed at Carolina.
  7. Riverside Drive NB will remain closed to Carolina.
  8. Channel 3 ramp to Riverside Drive SB will remain closed.
  9. Channel 3 ramp from Riverside Drive SB will remain closed.

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