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The City of Memphis Multicultural Advisory Board will act as a catalyst to encourage respect, understanding, and inclusion of all of Memphis’ diversity. The Board will support long-term relationships with members of our community and various multicultural organizations thereby enriching lives through courageous interpersonal dialogue. The Board strives to build a safe and strong community through group and individual interaction as well as outreach, activities, and education.


Memphis is a city where full and equitable participation exists across all aspects of life, and diversity is valued as an integral part of our community. All citizens live united as “Memphians” regardless of their place of birth, and work toward a common goal of making Memphis a welcoming and livable city.


  • Bridge Building
  • Education
  • Civic Engagement Committee

Goals and Objectives

  • Bridge the gap between cultures and communities and city government.
  • Serve as a resource to our multi-cultural communities.
  • Provide a safe space to discuss issues with other cultures and law enforcement partners and aid to resolve issues through open dialogue.

About Us

The City of Memphis Multicultural Advisory Board is a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to making Memphis a more inclusive and welcoming city for all. We believe that diversity is our strength, and we are working to create a community where everyone feels valued and respected.

The Board is made up of representatives from a variety of multicultural communities in Memphis, including African American, Asian, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ communities. We also have representatives from faith-based organizations, businesses, and nonprofits.

The Board meets regularly to discuss issues facing multicultural communities in Memphis. We also work to develop programs and initiatives that promote understanding and inclusion.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our city, and we encourage you to get involved. If you are interested in joining the Board or volunteering with our organization, please contact us at [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in the City of Memphis Multicultural Advisory Board!
Queen Titilé Keskessa

City of Memphis Mayor’s Office
Community Outreach Manager
Multicultural Affairs


[email protected]

COM Internal Multicultural Alliance

COM Internal Multicultural Alliance 


Department – Role 

Country of Origin 


Queen Titile Keskessa 

Executive – Community Outreach Manager/Multicultural Affairs 



Valentina Henao 

Public Works – Bilingual Administrative Coordinator 



Ebunoluwa Odeyemi (Ebun) 

HCD – Planning Coordinator 



Jose Valentin 

City Council – Executive Assistant 

Dominican Republic 


Vanessa Delgadillo 

HCD –  Public Relations 



Lucy Gaffney 

Park Services 



Augustine Boateng 

IT – Deputy Chief 



Wang-Ying Glasgow 

Library – Adult Services Coordinator 



Samuel Gasper 

Code Enforcement 



Mumtaz Ahmed 




Alex Gaffney 




Arpit Gandhi 

Storm Water 



Maylynne Wilbert 

Storm Water 



Abdoul Yessoufou 

Drain Maintenance 



Abdullah Ginem 




Mahajj Abdul-Baaqee 




Ravindra konchada 




Marcelo Natuplag 




Guadalupe Reyes 




 Gabrielle Timoteo  

Contract Compliance 



Dylan Miller 

Librarian –Humanities Department 




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