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The Affordable Housing Department (AHD) is a part of the City of Memphis Division of Housing and Community Development that receives HOME funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). AHD is a department comprised of three offices:

  • Affordable Homeownership and Rental Development Office
  • Down Payment Assistance Office
  • Nonprofit Housing Office


  • Provide quality, decent, and affordable housing for low-to-moderate-middle income families/individuals.
  • Revitalize and stabilize targeted areas with infill housing and/or rehabilitated housing.
  • Ensure that the housing developers follow the HOME regulations and program guidelines.
  • Expand the capacity of the housing developers by providing technical assistance.
  • Encourage collaborations/partnerships to leverage funds.
  • Offer financial assistance to citizens to assists with meeting the financial requirements of purchasing a home
  • Generate Revenue for the City of Memphis, Shelby County, and Memphis Light Gas and Water with all programs.


The Nonprofit Housing Department (NPH) administers the Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Program, the ARPA/SLFRF Program and HOME ARP Program to create safe, quality, and affordable housing. 

  • Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Program 

Nonprofit Housing administers the HOME set-aside dollars to Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDOs) which is pronounced cho’do that is a private nonprofit, community-based service organization whose primary purpose is to provide and develop decent, affordable housing for the community it serves.  Designated CHDOs receive certification from the City of Memphis indicating that they meet certain HOME Program requirements and are eligible for HOME funding.  Funding for designated CHDOs can be used for acquisition, rehabilitation, and/or new construction of rental, lease-purchase, and/or homebuyer properties for low-to-moderate families/individuals.  Funding varies annually.  The set-aside is 15% of the annual HOME entitlement for CHDO projects and 5% of the annual HOME entitlement for CHDO operating costs.  To date, there have been over 470+ homes produced through the CHDO Program. 


  • American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)/Coronavirus State and Local Federal Recovery Funds (SLFRF) Program is intended to provide support to State, territorial, local, and Tribal governments in response to the economic and public health impacts of COVID-19. NPH has partnered with nonprofit housing development organizations to build safe, quality, affordable housing for impacted and/or disproportionately impacted communities. 


  • HOME-ARP (American Rescue Plan) Program assists individuals or households who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, and other vulnerable populations, by providing housing, rental assistance, supportive services, and non-congregate shelter, to reduce homelessness and increase housing stability across the country. NPH will partner with nonprofit housing developers to administer HOME funds for safe, quality, affordable housing throughout the city of Memphis.  




The Affordable Homeownership and Rental Development Office administers three programs: Affordable Home Build Program, Affordable Rental Development Program, Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund Round 2, and the Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund Round 3. 

  • The Affordable Home Build Program works with for-profit and nonprofit housing developers to create safe, quality, affordable single-family homes for homeownership. 
  •  The Affordable Rental Development Program works with nonprofit housing developers to create safe, quality, affordable housing for rent.  
  • The Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund (MAHTF) Round 2 works with nonprofit housing developers and for-profit housing developers who are partnered with a nonprofit housing developer to rehabilitate and/or construct multifamily housing units within the city of Memphis.  
  • The Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund (MAHTF) Round 3 will work with nonprofit housing developers and for-profit housing developers partnering with nonprofit housing, developers to rehabilitate vacant single-family homes and repair owner-occupied single-family homes within the city of Memphis.  

This office has administered funds for projects such as Maon on the 4th, Foote Park at South City, University Place, Aprilwoods East, and West, and other numerous affordable housing projects throughout the City of Memphis.  



DPA provides funds to help meet the down payment and closing cost requirements needed to complete the closing of a new home. All properties must be located within the Memphis city limits or designated areas per program guidelines. DPA has provided down payment assistance to numerous families/individuals to purchase homes.  

The following programs are available under DPA: 

  • Citywide DPA  
  • Memphis Housing Authority DPA  
  • Memphis Housing Connect DPA  
  • Homebuyer Incentive Program for Citizens 
  • Homebuyer Incentive Program for Police, Fire, and Teachers 
  • Covid Housing Assistance Program (CHAP) assists families/individuals with funding to prevent foreclosures and/or evictions of homeownership or rental housing.  
  • Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund (MAHTF) Round 1 works with nonprofit development organizations to acquire and/or rehab vacant single-family housing and conduct homeowner repairs on existing housing. 


All programs create quality and affordable homes for low-moderate income families and individuals within the city of Memphis. 




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